Boxes of Stuff

I received several boxes of books and random other things from my dad, and I spent the evening looking through them. Some finds: A NES controller; a ninth grade assignment to write my own eulogy, in which I blamed a faulty parachute for my death; a how-to book for breeding hamsters; two ceramic stuffed-looking ducks; a mop head (???); a wineskin from Spain; old chapbooks: In Daylight I Hide Beneath the Feet of Children by Tony Tost, When Crossing the Camel's Back by Tim VanDyke, Three Months with a Cult and The Birth of a Ferryboat Driver by Zachary Schomburg; a Bell & Howell Model 465 8mm Automatic Threading Projector; several books of women's monologues; a few really out-of-style shirts.

Oh, and I won poker for the first time since moving to Minneapolis.

I'd call that a good night.