important people

is it hazy out here, or is my dawn missing
it's turned dark and light again since I've seen outside
I've been playing so long
the drinks, the cards, the people

the important people
they're packing they're leaving they're going

surrounded by laughs and faces and jacks and aces
nobody here will be going places
anytime soon

except the important ones
mingled with the nobodies
playing the well-worn hoyle deck
leaning against the well-worn kitchen counters
lying on the well-worn shag carpet

a random nobody planting kisses
on a fresh beautiful belly
these mean love says the nobody
and love conquers all

people meander in and out
but the crowd rarely thins
she'll be gone soon
and the crowd will thin

who will choose my successor when I leave
I wonder out loud

I will laughs a good-natured drunk
and recently promoted assistant manager
cause I'm the boss now

he is encouraged by my smile
it's not fake

but he's ignoring my eyes

the nobody has found a ring
and a tree to kneel next to
he wants to marry her
and she is smiling

and she is smiling
and I know she'll be gone before dawn
and I know he won't follow her
and I know she won't come back

and I know that he'll be left wondering
and wandering
not understanding
just knowing

"It's a lie!", I yell, "A lie!!!"

turn down the TV says a random voice
they think Frankenstein is on