Interview With a Man Who Is Completely Satisfied With His Life

Interviewer: Hi

Man: Oh. Hello there.

Interviewer:'re satisfied with your life?

Man: Completely.

Interviewer: ...

Man: ...

Interviewer: ... (hums something tuneless...doodles a bit)

Man: ... (looks around curiously)

Interviewer: ... (checks out a girl as she walks by)

Man: So...should I just start talking...?

Interviewer: Nah. I think you're boring. And anybody who bothered to read your self-righteous tripe would end up feeling pointless guilt for their own less satisfying lives. I hate you. (gets up begins walking away)

Man: (raises voice just a bit as interviewer is walking away, deadpan delivery) You know I'll have your job for this.

Interviewer: (mutters to self) Won't that be satisfying.