Verbal Vomit

who k-new new
if ever their birds came to real flight patterns of might
ants' hills with mothballs and month long brawls
effervescent reticent plankton mustachioed henchmen
jumping and swinging light saber-backed black cats and gnats
once gargoyled grotesques dressed for tai kwon do lessons
conch shells and bloody blue castor soaked glass masks
fever and polar socked mock stink hay stock in big stacks
inching worming tickled burning junk rope and hope and hope and
jack strawed and hack mawed grandmas and grandpappies slap sad
glance blows and cancerous hicks with dancer chicks and umbrellas
turned cheeks and patched jeans on fast bikes with plastered casts
uniteresting yard burrs card purrs stand tall with no teeth
black sticks and blue streams and white steam and yellow piss
expanding exploding explanding explaining draining and relations
sip coke sniff blokes arses and scarves of mardi gras sweaters
progressive means slick and stiff means rich and nice means dick
fickle reservations genetic mutations smile for the next five herpes
less dogs and more calls upon resistent bludgeons and beer bongs
round dance and rectangular plants boogedy balloon amsterdam cowherds